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first of all, citation needed??!!???

secondly, i’m so fucking over the people from my town.

thirdly, this douchenozzle is marrying my friend. 

  1. forumgamer said: If he does not even know whether people are able to say a simple word like “doomed”, I hope he does never procreate. You know NOTHING, Austin Snow.
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    —————————————————————————————— EWWWWWWWWW my condolences. *puke*
  3. hiccupsanonymous said: I like Austin. I really do. But almost all of his statuses make me cringe. The only thing that makes it okay is the memory of Diegel ripping him an intellectual new one back in JSA senior year.
  4. baratheon said: sabotage the wedding. :\
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